It can be loaded and unloaded automatically for high production job profiles. Some of the unique features of label printing machine are it is very easy to operate. In internet you will find various vendors and retailers selling various models, brands and sizes of label dispensers. Due to the success of manual label dispenser, electric label dispenser was created. Low running cost due to low power consumption. Label applicator is useful to label Glass bottles, Pet bottles, tins, pouches, cassettes, floppy disk, containers, syringes and many more products.

Fully automatic labeling machine consists of conveyer, Head and integrated control system.Label applicators are machines that automatically apply printed labels. Unique features of fully automatic labeling machine are safety operation, simple to operate, minimum change over time required from one size to another. Label dispenser was manufactured because many printing companies were facing serious difficulties in printing large quantities of labels. That’s why the first label dispenser was designed. These have a lot of sensors to measure their performance. They can tell if they run out of material or how many labels have been dispensed. Dispenser machine will automatically peel the labels from the roll and stick it in the bottle, can etc.

The first label dispenser that came into the market was completely manual. These can print following type of labels: Primary, Barcode, Hologram, Promotional, Plain paper, sticker, self adhesive, Thermal paper labels and Polyethylene labels.

Label applicators are used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, health care, Agriculture, Pesticides, FMCG and logistics. Electric dispensers are used more frequently in higher volume applications and are used usually in fixed locations.

In label dispenser, rolls are attached into the machine making it easier to apply labels to the products. To find the right dispenser for your company, the logistic manager has to take into account every little aspect of the production process before buying a brand new label dispenser. Electric dispenser cannot work without power.. These do not require human supervision.

Finding the right label dispenser for your company is not an easy task because many companies claim that have the right product for you. In case of electric dispenser, operator has to just load the roll of label and turn the unit on. Due to its success, new models were introduced with advanced features. This dispenser was very useful to human beings, because it was capable of working for several hours without human intervention.